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"An app for patients, made by patients"
Miku was developed in close cooperation with BN e.V. and other patient organizations. Dozens of patients actively contribute to each new feature.
Arman, 67
Find my way around very well. Great app. Nice that there is something great like this for us. Thanks a lot Arman
Arman, 67
Mariana, 43
Very clear, well explained and really helpful even after 10 years of dialysis!
Mariana, 43
Rosemarie, 82
I've been on dialysis for 8 years, so I have most of it under control. But I still look up foods in Miku every now and then.
Rosemarie, 82
Holger, 43
Very good app..., finally an app for us dialysis patients that you can work with properly.
Holger, 43
Nicole, 49
The Miku app helps me tremendously in my everyday life and I'm very excited that such an app finally exists!
Nicole, 49
Manfred, 71
I have had no problems at all using the app and use it every time I am on dialysis.
Manfred, 71
Margarethe, 64
Dialysis sucks. But Miku helps me. I find the app with the raccoon likeable and helpful. Especially the food lookup is a great help. I mean, how else should I know what foods contain how much potassium??
Margarethe, 64

the Favorite App for many PEople on Dialysis

Useful tools, features and information to support you in living a carefree life despite CKD
Dialysis logbook
Regular documentation of your most important health values - easily on your phone
Nutritional CKD-Guide
Dialysis-specific nutrition diary, personalized interpretation of key nutritional values for 6,000+ foods and hundreds of delicious cooking recipes
Travel planner
Contact details for 5,500+ dialysis centers worldwide on an interactive map
Info, Tips & Tricks
Validated medical information, reviewed by nephrologists and explained in a way that is easy to understand

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Your data is safe in the Miku-App

Miku's data protection measures are validated by an external auditor
Your data is securely encrypted and does not leave the EU mainland
We only use certified providers (HDS / HIPAA) for your health data

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Who is behind Miku?

Miku was conceived, tested, and developed by a team of nephrologists, nurses, patients, software developers, and designers.

We are driven by empowering people with kidney disease practical tools to take better control of their health.

Our mission is to revolutionize chronic kidney disease support and care, improving quality of life in everyday life with CKD.
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