Frequently asked questions about the Miku app

Basic medical questions

Is the Miku app a medical device?

In their current form, neither Miku Free nor Miku Premium are medical devices. We are currently preparing a medical device approval - we will inform you about it as soon as the time comes. Independently, Miku explicitly pays attention to the protection of your privacy and meets all GDPR requirements.

What medical studies is the app based on?

The basis for the app's medical evidence is scientifically sound and grounded in recognized nephrological studies. A selection of the studies used in the development of the app can be found under the 'Doctors' section of the website.


Can I see my logbook values over a period of time?

Yes, you can also see your logbook values over time. To get to the interactive graph of your logbook values, tap on the small graph icon located on the right of your most recently input value. You should now see the history of your logbook values in chart form. You can also switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Can I also make several entries on the same day?

Absolutely! For example, if you want to record your weight before and after dialysis, you can do that without a problem. All you have to do is to make two separate entries. Keep in mind that the more precisely you document the time of your measurement, the more precise your logbook will be.

How can I add a value that I measured earlier?

Did you weigh yourself a few hours ago and want to add your weight? Absolutely no problem. To do this, you simply create a new logbook entry and manually change the date and/or time at the top of the screen before saving the entry. You can do that by clicking directly onto date & time.

What happens if I don't enter anything for a day?

Nothing. Your last entered value simply remains your current one, just like in a handwritten diary. As soon as you enter a new value for one of your parameters, it will be displayed in your home screen.

How can I edit or delete an entry?

If you go to the chart view of one of your parameters, you can select individual data points to be edited or deleted. To do this, you have to swipe up on the lower part of your screen. If you do this correctly, the screen will slide up and the two buttons "Edit" and "Delete" will appear at the bottom.


How are my nutritional recommendations calculated?

At the moment, Miku uses three components to calculate your nutritional recommendations: the typical concentration of an ingredient in a food/dish, the typical portion size, and your individually recommended total daily intake of a nutrient. You individually recommended daily intake is based on international nephrology guidelines (KDIGO) and is calculated based on your target weight.

How much potassium, phosphate and sodium can I consume as a dialysis patient?

The Miku app only uses recognized references for nutrition tips. According to the international nephrology guidelines (KDIGO 2012), the following daily dose is recommended for dialysis patients:

  • Phosphate: 17 mg per kg of body weight
  • Potassium: 20-40 mg per kg of body weight (Miku's food checker uses 30 mg as average)
  • Sodium: 5-6 g of salt (Miku’s food checker uses 2,200 mg of sodium per day)
Please note that your recommended dose may vary based on your treatment type (e.g., PD vs. HD) or your doctor's individualized therapy plans and medical recommendations.

What should I do if information about Miku differs from my doctor’s information?

In no way does the Miku app replace your doctor or medical personnel. The app is also not certified as a medical device. Therefore, you should always listen to and trust your doctor. If your doctor is providing you with information that is different than what is provided by Miku, it is really important for us that you let us know. This is the only way we can continuously evolve our product. You can reach us anytime at

Who do I contact in a medical emergency?

The Miku app cannot directly assist you in a medical emergency. In the event of an emergency, contact your doctor or the emergency service immediately.

Technical questions

Which devices can I use the Miku app on?

Miku works on any smartphone or tablet that supports Android 5.0, as well as iOS 9 or higher.

Can I access the Miku app from my computer/laptop?

Currently, the Miku app only works on smartphones and tablets. Miku does not currently have a web version for computers and laptops.

Can I use the Miku app without an internet connection?

For your initial registration, you need a stable internet connection. Once registered, you can use certain parts of the Miku app (logbook & knowledge) without an internet connection. To use the food checker (food) and its interactive map (travel), a working internet connection is always required.

Profile & account

What happens if I get a new device?

This won't be a problem! All you have to do is log into the Miku app on your new device with your email and password. In some cases, you may have to download the app again from the app store. Your data will automatically be restored onto your new device as soon as you log in.

Can I use the Miku app on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes. You will have to log in on both devices with your email and password.

Can I also log into the Miku app from another device?

If the Miku app is also installed on another device, you can easily log into it there with your email and password.

How can I upgrade my Miku Free to Miku Premium?

Great question! You can easily upgrade to Miku Premium via the App Store or Playstore.

What do I do if I am unable to log in?

This may happen for several reasons. You might be unable to log in because you don't have an internet connection right now. Or, it is possible that you entered the wrong email address or password. You can also try reset your password by following the "forgot your password?" instructions. If the problem continues to happen, please contact us at

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it. To do this, you have to follow the instructions in the app under "Forgot password?" You will receive an email to your registered email address with instructions on how to set a new password.

How do I change the language of my Miku app?

To change the language, you have to log out of your Miku app. Before logging in again, you will find a hyperlink with the text "Change language" at the bottom right of the screen. You can use this to change the language and then log in again as usual. The Miku app will then be in the new language.

Pricing & Miku Premium

How much does Miku Premium cost?

The premium version of the Miku app is available for € 9.99 per year. Please note that the App- and Playstore may automatically adjust the price to match your local country currency.

How long is my Miku Premium valid for?

Your Miku Premium subscription is valid for 12 months after the purchase. Afterwards, your subscription will either be downgraded or extended depending on your settings in the app store.

Data privacy & security

Who gets what data?

All personal data that you enter initially and in the course of using Miku is only visible to you. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or sold. Even within our Miku team, only selected employees can access your personal information. Administrative access is primarily used to fix issues upon user requests. In addition, Miku collects anonymous usage data (e.g. how many users open the app every day) in order to continuously improve our product.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is safe. We have the intention to further evolve and register the app as a medical product and as such, high safety and reliability requirements are met. Your personal and health-related data is stored on German / European IONOS servers and complies with GDPR requirements. Additionally, all third-party suppliers selected are located in Europe to comply with EU-GDPR standards.

I just lost my phone - is my data safe?

If you are logged out of your Miku app, absolutely nothing will happen and your data is safe. If you were logged into the app, the safety of your data depends on whether your mobile device has a key lock or not. If you are concerned about the safety of your data, you can contact us at any time at and we can set your profile to inactive or delete it.

Where can I get information about my data that is stored?

You can find some of these answers to your questions in our Terms of Service and in our Data Privacy Policy. If you would like to request further information about which data is recorded, stored and processed, you can send your specific questions at any time to .

My profile information is not up to date. How can i change it?

If you want to change data on your profile, you can do so in 'My Profile'. To get to your profile settings, click on the three small dots in the top right corner of the start screen.

How can I delete my profile and my data?

Are you sure you want to do this? If so, you can do this under 'My Profile.' The button to delete your profile is located at the very bottom of the page. Please note that deleting your profile is irreversible.


Why is Miku a raccoon?

The German word for raccoon is "Waschbär" which can be translated to 'washing bear'. In German language, some dialysis patients refer to themselves colloquially as raccoons. That's why Miku the raccoon is the mascot of this dialysis app.

Who is behind the app?

Miku was developed by the German startup Carealytix, which builds digital products in the healthcare sector. A diverse team of more than a dozen developers, designers, nephrologists and dialysis nurses have contributed to Miku. Beyond this, we have also discussed problems, experiences and product ideas with several hundred patients, nurses, doctors and dialysis nurses before developing the Miku app.

How is Miku funded?

At the moment, Miku is still financed privately. Therefore, Miku remains completely independent of large dialysis chains or manufacturers in the medical technology or pharmaceutical industry.

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