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10 diet tricks to reduce your potassium

Dr. Mike Wagenbrenner
Many people with kidney disease are told by their doctor to reduce potassium in their diet, but in practice, everything edible contains potassium. Here are some practical, simple tips for living more potassium-conscious in your everyday life and an explanation of why this is so important for people on dialysis.

Potassium & dialysis: the basics

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
If your blood potassium levels are too high, you should make sure that you do not take in too much potassium with your food. But what exactly is potassium and why is it so important for people on dialysis?

Which foods contain how much potassium?

Dr. Mike Wagenbrenner
Many dialysis patients are advised to eat a low-potassium diet. But what foods actually contain how much potassium? This article gives you an overview and a few basic rules about the most important food categories.

Potato myths - how do I get the potassium out of them?

Potatoes contain a lot of potassium. You may have heard or read about putting potatoes in water overnight, slicing them, double boiling them, freezing them, swapping out the cooking water, etc. to draw out potassium. Here are some details on what actually works.