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Replacement therapies

Renal replacement therapy options

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
There are different medical ways to compensate for malfunctioning kidneys. This article will explain to you the basic treatment therapy options for renal failure.

What exactly is the procedure for a transplant?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Have you always wondered what exactly happens during a kidney transplant? Here you can find out more about post-mortem and living kidney donation.

This is how peritoneal dialysis (PD) works

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Peritoneal dialysis cleans your blood through the abdominal cavity. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this procedure. Here you can find out how PD works.

Is life without renal replacement therapy possible?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Is it possible to manage kidney failure without dialysis or a transplant?

How does my name get on the list?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
In order to receive a post-mortem kidney donation, you must be placed on the transplant list. Here you can find out exactly what this is and how it works.

This is how home hemodialysis works (HHD)

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Many people living with renal failure don't even know at first that hemodialysis is also possible at home. To avoid that you only find out after a few years of in-center dialysis treatment, here's some basic information on home hemodialysis.

This is how hemodialysis (HD) works

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
The majority of people with kidney failure clean their blood using haemodialysis (HD). Here you can find an overview of what exactly happens during an HD treatment.

Transplantation - the basics

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
The preferred treatment choice for many people with renal failure is transplantation. This article tells you about the basics of kidney transplantation.

The organ donation process & life after transplantation

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Have you ever wondered how a transplant works? And what does it actually imply in your daily life, if you are a transplant recipient?