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What are food additives and why are they sneaky?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
You've probably heard before that one should cut down on processed products, because some of them contain phosphate additives. This is particularly important for people on dialysis.

Which foods contain how much phosphate?

Many dialysis patients are advised to eat a diet low in phosphates. But which foods actually contain how much phosphate?

12 nutrition tricks to get your phosphate under control

Do your nephrologist and dialysis team regularly preach to you that you should eat less phosphate? In this article, you'll find practical everyday tricks to help you do just that.

Phosphate & dialysis: the basics

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
As a person on dialysis, you should restrict your phosphate intake to avoid secondary diseases. Have you always wondered what phosphate and dialysis are all about? Here you can learn more about it.

Not all phosphate is the same -- but why?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Did you know that there are differences in the type of phosphate? In this article, you'll learn why you need to be careful with phosphate in some foods, while you can turn a blind eye to others.