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Sodium & dialysis: the basics

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
A low-salt diet is enormously important for kidney disease. It lowers blood pressure, ensures that blood pressure lowering medication works better and reduces your thirst.

Practical tips for a low-salt diet

Sodium is responsible for regulating your blood pressure and water balance in the human body. Since these two often get out of hand with kidney disease, a low-salt diet is often recommended for dialysis patients. In this article, you will find practical tips on how you can easily manage this.

Tips for reducing the amount you drink

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Probably the most difficult challenge for many dialysis patients is reducing the amount they drink each day. This is not surprising, as many patients are often recommended to drink less than one litre of water per day. However, this is incredibly important for your health and there are a number of practical tips that can support you in your controlled drinking behaviour.

Why do I have to weigh myself so often?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
If you are on dialysis, you have probably asked yourself why you have to weigh yourself so frequently. Here are the basics about it.

How much can I actually drink now?

Dr. Diego Parada Rodriguez
Reducing your drinking amount each day is probably the biggest challenge for many people on dialysis, especially in the beginning. Here you can find out why this is so important, which drinking amounts are recommended and what could help you to reduce your drinking amount.